Dalian Ruifeng axis Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in Wafangdian City, Dalian, which is the main bearing production base. The company focuses on the R & D, design and manufacturing of bearings. Adhere to the path of professionalization. The company provides customers with one-stop supporting services by establishing a rapid response mechanism to customer needs and a flexible and substantial product portfolio. Improve the greater benefits of the supporting service products and increase the potential value of the products to a greater extent. After more than 20 years of experience in the industry and reorganization, the company was established on January 8th, 2009. After several years of development, the company has 150 sets of equipment, including 121 automatic turning and grinding equipment, and 110 employees, including 5 * * engineers and 10 engineers. It has a professional R & D team. The company has passed the IS09001 quality system certification and bsohsas 18001:2007 occupational health * * management system certification, Is014001:2004 environmental management system certification. Bearing: c&wbk Dalian Ruifeng axis Technology Development Co., Ltd. continuously injects fresh blood. It has sales offices in Shanghai, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, northwest and other places, and is exported to India, Russia and other European countries. It provides services to * * major CNC machine tool plants, oil fields, precision rolling mills, mines and large metallurgical enterprises. Ruifeng axis takes science and technology as the guide, sincerely accumulates and reserves talents, actively promotes the development of the bearing industry, and makes every effort to build high-quality CNC machine tools, oil fields, precision sewing machines, mines and metallurgical bearings. Since the restructuring in 2009, Dalian Ruifeng axis Technology Development Co., Ltd. has achieved a leap forward development, with an annual output of more than 90 million and an annual production of about 120000 sets. In line with the business philosophy of "honest management, steady development and serving the society", the company takes honesty and trustworthiness as the guide, wins trust from customers, bases itself on the society, and always abides by the basic principles of "steady * *" and has won unanimous praise from users. Judging from the reactions of users and the market in recent years, the quality of bearings has been recognized by users and the market. In addition, the production capacity is limited, and the supply exceeds the demand. Dalian Ruifeng axis Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an enterprise full of vitality and innovative research and development. It can process and customize special non-standard bearings according to different customers and different working environments, and is committed to providing bearings with high quality and reasonable prices.

Based on advanced equipment and technology, c&wbk relies on advanced zinc management concept to provide users with value-added high-quality products and services

A strict quality management system is the basic guarantee for a bigger and stronger enterprise

Product quality shall be designed from the source according to equipment requirements and standards Guarantee of real materials: provide users with basic raw materials such as vacuum degassed bearing steel, carburized bearing steel, electroslag remelting bearing steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, GCr15 bearing steel and GCr15SiMn bearing steel

In terms of heat treatment, according to different materials and a variety of heat treatment methods, through advanced processes, to meet the standard gold requirements

In terms of turning and grinding processing: through advanced design and perfect technical inspection means, we can achieve precision, refinement and beauty. Make every product excellent

According to the standards and user requirements: the bearing shall strictly implement and meet the technical indicators such as tolerance, clearance, angle, etc

Through the above management means and business philosophy, we can truly achieve the goal of "not leaving the factory unless it is a high-quality product"

Service is an effective guarantee for the long-term prosperity of enterprises. High quality service before, during and after sales is the only way to enter the market and make a good brand

In the process of service, the first thing is to understand the needs of customers: design and select corresponding supporting products for users according to the working environment, working temperature, working principle of fou, equipment characteristics and many other factors of the user's equipment

during the use of users: provide users with domestic general assembly schemes and free technical training. For newly developed and designed products, special personnel are assigned to communicate with users, assist in installation and commissioning, and make the products run in a good state

master the operation status of the company's products and make regular return visits according to the sales files. If there are problems in the production and operation of our products, the company will solve them for the users in a fast time (reply within 6 hours, and the chief technical engineer will provide on-site service within 36 hours)

provide full technical support according to the product operation performance, service life, and customer's new product update and upgrade

Ruifeng axis, with a pragmatic team, strives to achieve the goal of professional global integration

c&wbk Ruifeng axis promises on this basis: warranty, return, replacement and loss of sold products.

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